The Totum Chieftain is a Forsaken boss fought in Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War. Summoned by Shadow as an attempt to assassinate Powhatan under Governor Ratcliffe's order, the totum pole jutting out of its back grants it many special powers.

Journal EntryEdit

A massive Forsaken that levitates about the battlefield.

Using several powerful magic attacks, it uses its "wings" like claws to hack and slash an enemy.

Destroy a section of the totum pole on its back to stun it and decrease the amount of attacks it can use.


Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade WarEdit

John Smith and Void came before the Indian Chief Powhatan after the two were caught with his daughter Pocahontas, unaware that Governor Ratcliffe and Shadow were spying on them through the bushes. Ratcliffe confirming the rumors that John had betrayed him to be true, he ordered Shadow to eliminate the man. Shadow's main target was Void, however, summoning this massive Forsaken to wreak havoc in his place. Void defeated the Totum Chieftain, Powhatan blaming this attempt on his life to be the work White Man and taking John Smith as his prisoner.

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The Totum Chieftain is a massive enemy, one that levitates above the ground while sitting "indian style." It's face is found near the middle of the torso, markings around the head giving it the appearance of a "face." A totum pole juts out from this Forsaken's back, sections portraying an eagle, a man, a deer, and a bear. Spears hover above the shoulders in groups of three as a sort of "wings," the boss able to use them as claws. Muscular arms end in large, clawed hands.


At the start of the battle, immediately Lock-On to any section of the totum pole on the boss's back, or even the boss itself. Immediately perform aerial combos to destroy a section of the pole, stunning the Forsaken. It should be noted that this isn't a necessity when it comes to winning the battle.

The Totum Chieftain will slowly levitate around the battlefield, occasionally punching and clawing Void or slashing him with the spears floating above its head. It can throw the rocks dangling from its wrists as a sort of boomerang, also able to fire a powerful laser from its cupped palms. The bear section of the totum pole will perform a variety of Fire attacks, the eagle dealing Blizzard, the deer dealing Aero, and the man dealing Thunder. It may group the elements into one in an attack called "Triune Laser," dealing massive damage. It may also perform a devastating punch and kick combos.

If the player destroys a section of the pole, the boss will be stunned and will lose the ability to use attacks of that section's element. This makes the battle easier, but isn't needed as mentioned above. So long as the player heals regularly, this fight should be over relatively soon.