The Satanic Detritus is a massive Forsaken that is truly Kuzco's palace corroded by the strong greed the Emperor once felt, hence giving it a false heart and the demand to gain Kuzco's to be complete. It was able to combat Void due to Yzma's dark magic. It was the elderly Advisor's last chance of killing Kuzco, failing when defeated at the Keyblade wielder's hand.

Journal EntryEdit

When Emperor Kuzco's greed and conceited feelings corrupted his heart,

this Forsaken was formed. Taking on the form of the Emperor's palace and living on

in each belonging he "earned" dishonestly or unfairly, it was awakened from

slumber to kill Kuzco during the final battle with Yzma.


Emperor Kuzco's massive palace serves as the main body, giving it a relatively humanoid form. The massive heads of birds and tortoises sprout from either side of the palace's "Kuzco-shaped" head. The body is covered in vines and other jungle vegetation, the Forsaken insignia located on its rear.


  • Satanic Detritus translates as "Possessed Ruins."