Artwork of Reno

Reno is a character appearing in Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War. Originating in Final Fantasy VII, he is one of the Turks sent to the Radiant Garden to protect the town's citizens during the chaos of the Forsaken.

Journal EntryEdit

A fast-talking member of the Turks.

Very loyal, he is always seen with his partner Rude.

He was sent to the Graceful Borough to protect the town's citizens.


"Oh, great. We ask Vincent to come back with any suspscious figures, and he comes back with a girl, instead. Not to mention a very hot girl. Got it memorized?"
—Reno upon Vincent's arrival at the rendesvous with Dawn at his side.

Reno's appearance is very brief, the Turk encountering Dawn when she accompanied Vincent Valentine to a Turk rendesvous in the center of town. Finding it laughable when Vincent returned with a girl rather than a potential criminal as he had been assigned, Reno's fun was cut short when Tseng gave the Turks, and even Dawn herself, another assignment. When a massive Forsaken attacked the Borough, a panicked Reno gave Vincent the distress call. He then helped evacuate the town while Vincent and Dawn tackled the beast, later acknowledging Dawn as an honorary Turk and personal friend upon its defeat.


"Hey Tseng, you said you weren't gonna allow any strangers to join the Turks, right? Well, you let me join. Who's stranger than that?"
—Reno attempting to defend Dawn from Tseng's accuasations

Very quirky and almost always making jokes, Reno is extremely loyal to thoses allied with him. Always thinking on his feet, his failure to sometimes think things through will often lead him into trouble.


Reno wears a simple tuxedo, a trademark of the Turks. Having short, spiky red hair with a long ponytail jutting out of the back, he wears sunglasses high on his head. Two red, scar-like tatoos are found beneath his eyes. Tall and slender, he wields a very unique weapon that is also a Turk trademark.


  • In original concept, Reno was not meant to appear in the story. Yet huge demand for actor Quinton Flynn assured Reno's inclusion in the story.
  • Due to the immense popularity of characters Lea and Axel also voiced by Quinton Flynn and appearing similar to Reno, it was made possible for Reno to use the traditional "Got it memorized?" phrase, even though he has no connection to the latter.
  • Similar to Lea, voiced by Quinton Flynn, the actor confirmed his role as Reno in Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War through Facebook.

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