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The King of Hearts is a secret boss appearing in Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War. He can be fought in any of the three playable scenarios before the game is beaten. Once this is done, however, he will not appear. His defeat grants the player a Keyblade by the same name, as well as full access to the secret ending of the game.

Journal EntryEdit

An all-powerful entity of ethereal qualities.

Creator of the Keyblade and a wielder of both light and darkness,

no one has stood up to his power before.


  • The development team of Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War has stated that the King of Hearts has a strong chance of appearing in further installments. A man similar to his appearance was seen at the very end of the credits before the words Kingdom Hearts: Decoded appeared on-screen.
  • Interviews state that if the King of Hearts is to appear in further installments, his name is highly likely to be changed and only revealed to the public through gameplay.