The Forsaken (フォーセイクン, Fōseikun) are a new enemy introduced in Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War. Beings of pure darkness with hearts, their birth was a side-effect of Shadow's creation however doesn't realize this until he's succumbed by the darkness later in the story. As such, they have but one goal, to destroy anyone to have a purpose with their hearts just like them as a result. Numerous varieties exist, but all were destroyed when Shadow merged with Kingdom Hearts in the Ravaged Canyon. Unlike most lesser enemies fought throughout the Kingdom Hearts series, they do possess hearts, but they are enraged by the fact that they are fake. They can feel emotion, driven on by a great rage and jealousy.


Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade WarEdit

Created when Shadow was born from the depths of Kingdom Hearts, several of these creatures began to spawn around the worlds. Constantly causing problems for the worlds' residents, it was up to Keyblade wielders Void, Dawn, and even Shadow himself to stop them and their treacherous ways.

List of ForsakenEdit


  • The emblem of the Forsaken is an upside-down heart with one right-side up directly beneath it. The significance of this emblem is the fact that the hearts of the Forsaken are replicas, or opposites and mirrors, of person's heart.
  • The Forsaken are the only enemy to appear in the Kingdom Hearts series to be able to feel any emotion, as well as possess a heart in any way.
  • The Forsaken do not possess any memory as to who or what their original beings were. They will attack anyone in order to fulfill their disires of having a purpose.

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