The Detriment is the most basic type of Forsaken. Weak and easily destroyed, they are found in every playable world in Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War, with the exception of Atlantica and the Land of Departure.

Journal EntryEdit

A relatively weak foe.

It will use great speeds to avoid attacks,

but beware of the devastating combo it uses as its HP dwindles.

Worlds FoughtEdit


The Detriment is a relatively non-offensive and cowardly breed of Forsaken. They will dash around the battlefield at very high speeds, and will remain stationary for long periods of time. They have one nasty secret, however, using a powerful slash-kick combo that gains power the lower its HP gets. It is best that the player not let it survive for long, as it may cast an "Endure" status upon itself, allowing it to survive at one HP and deal the most damage possible from its single tactic. They tend to appear alone, but can be a great threat when they appear in large mobs.

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