• Wikian13000

    Hey can you guys come on over to my kh fanon wiki?I really need help and its brand new.So if you could help me I would appreciate it.This wiki is inactive and mine is new fresh and is gonna get better and better.Heres a link there you go have fun!

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  • ZexionTheGamer

    Day 1

    February 16, 2010 by ZexionTheGamer

    Well, today is my first whole day on this wiki. Still, I can't think of much to say except for the fact that I am going to try my hardest to become an administrator. Well, I know for a fact that if you are reading this, you must be a sad person, or want to find out more about me. Still, school is no fun. I have a test tomorrow in math and my project from literature is due. Well, I will have to prove myself to become an admisistrator. BTW, I felt like doing this a Roxas Journal type thing. I am an idiot.

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